Domarine: Eauseenon

Representative Officer: Erika Mizuno

Location: 108-0023 2-6-11-2202 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Phone number: +81 80 4180 8764

email address:info

Selling price: Described in each product information

Necessary fees other than the product price: In the case of delivery fee and cash on delivery, it is necessary to pay import duties in addition to the payment amount displayed at the time of order in the case of delivery overseas.
These imported tariffs will be charged by the Customs Bureau at the time of receiving the product or at a later date.

Payment method and payment time: Credit card payment, bank transfer, PayPal

Product delivery time: Within 7 days after the order is accepted. (Excluding prioders, excluding custom -made items)
For irregular weather, convenience of delivery companies, and any other reason
If you are delayed, we will notify you by e -mail.

Product delivery method: Delivery (Yamato Transport)

About returned goods, defective products, cancellations:

・ If an incorrect product arrives, if the product is defective, or if there is any dirt or damage at the time of delivery, it will be replaced or returned.
・ If you wish to replace or return with 1 and 3 above, please note that we will handle it according to the following rules.
(1) Within 7 days after the product arrives (email: Please contact us to us.
(2) After contacting the customer window, we will send you the product to the specified place and check the status of the product.
(3) Please note that in the following cases, we will not respond to returns and exchanges.
A. If the product is damaged or damaged by the customer
B. If you have lost or damaged accessories such as product tags, product boxes, replacement buttons, etc.
C. If you can see the feeling of use in the product
D. For sale products, outlet sales products, and lucky bags
E. In the case of made -to -order products and custom -made products
F. F. Hygiene products such as underwear, swimwear (excluding defective products)
G. For products purchased at actual stores and products ordered on other than this site
● Size exchange will be limited to once.
・ The shipping fee for returned goods will be borne by the customer. Please return by the original payment.
・ If there is no stock of the desired size, it will be returned.
● Handling if the wrong product arrives or if the product is defective
(1) If it is judged to be incorrect delivery or defective product, the shipping fee for returned goods will be borne by the Company.
(2) In the case of products that do not have stock even if you wish to replace it, we will respond to correction.
In addition, if it is not possible to fix it, it will be returned.

Return deadline:Please contact us within 7 days after the product arrives.