AW21 Collection

"I Wear Sweet, Blue Memories"
As children, there was always clothing that we adored, so excited to put it on that we asked to wear it every day. As we grow into adulthood, the same adorable clothing we used to cherish, we hesitate to reach for. Be that as it may, that same cute clothing that we don’t wear anymore still enchants the heart, and we, as adults, should be able to dress as we dream.
Away from Japan, I discovered women who wore what they wanted and revelled in it. During my several visits to Harlem, I began to notice that the women did not hide themselves with their clothing. Rather, they picked silhouettes that accentuated their shapes and celebrated their curves. A photo of a classic American scene also pops into my mind -  boy and girl dancing at prom, the silhouette and shape of her dress showing a comfortable amount of skin, smiling as they dance freely.
Beaded embroidery symbolizes the innocent playfulness of a child, while frills and gathers represent the sweetness of a girl who cherishes the pretty details. By mixing the girlish, mystical world we adored in childhood, with the sensual silhouettes and vivid color palette that impacted us overseas, sexy turns into cute, and cute mixes with sexy to become clothes worn by those who have matured from girls to women.
The collection crosses not only age, but national and cultural boundaries. The detail of a single brushstroke carrying multiple colors in one stroke are seen in oil paintings, as well as the delicate aesthetics of traditional Japanese painting. Threads of two contrasting colors are knit together hastily and at once, creating a spontaneous and random pattern, shades of sweet and pale knit into one. The resulting pattern is unique, giving the characteristics of custom-made to this ready-to-wear piece. The sensuality and stylishness that the West craves, offset by the pale and whimsical nature of the Japanese aesthetic, create a sweet and delicate wardrobe that can be worn beyond age, race, nationality, and culture.
Not only for girls but also for women; not only for Japanese women but also for our counterparts across the ocean. Clothes that can be worn by all women who want to wear something adorable. A sweet, blue memory that you’ll remember, five, ten years from now.